Kid’s DC Slippers

These kid’s slippers work up quickly and are easy to adjust.

4.5 mm hook
#4 worsted weight yarn in 2 different colors (I used 2 shades of green)
Yarn needle to sew in your ends

This pattern is very flexible. You can add rows or omit rows to fit your child’s particular size.
You can also make them larger or smaller by just go up or down on hook size!

dc – double crochet
sc – single crochet
slst – slip stitch
F/o – fasten off
MC – magic circle
ch – chain
inc – increase

Pattern Notes:
*Chain 1 at the beginning of the row does NOT count as a stitch.
*You can begin the slipper with a magic circle or chain 4 slst in the first chain to make a ring.

If you have any questions on the pattern, please email me at

Pattern instructions (Make 2):

We will be working in rounds for the first 7 rounds.

Round 1: MC, 8 dc. slst. chain 1
Round 2: Inc – (2 dc in each stitch.) slst, chain 1
Round 3: Inc – (2 dc, 1 dc) pattern all around
Round 4 – 7: 1 dc in each stitch, chain 1

We will now be working in rows

Row 8: dc x 19, chain 1, turn. (Leave 5 stitches unworked)
Row 9 – 13: dc x 19, chain 1, turn

Do not F/O.
Turn your slipper inside out. We are now going to close the seam.

Slip stich down the seam to close the back of the slipper.

F/O and turn the slipper right side out.

With 2nd color, attach the 2nd color yarn starting with a slip knot.

Attach the yarn at the back of the slipper.
SC around the top of the slipper. Make the stitches even on both side the of the slippers. I added 24 stitches to my slipper. Make sure its not too loose or too tight.

F/O and weave in ends.

You are done!

To adjust the size of the slipper, you can add or omit rows at the end of the slipper. I use this chart to help with sizing. It helps when you don’t have the little people your are making the slippers for with you.

I use google to help me. I just ask google what size is a child’s 10 in inches and google gives me the answer:

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